Case Study
IBM SlamTracker
Designing a new mobile-first data experience
In collaboration with the IBM SlamTracker team, we defined a new vision and experience for IBM SlamTracker—reimagining the platform as a mobile-first data experience for the modern tennis fan.

In addition to a redesigned experience, the vision for the brand led to a five-year innovation roadmap, extending IBM SlamTracker to new platforms and opportunities.
  • Product Strategy
  • Personas and User Journeys
  • Feature Roadmap
  • Brand Development and Design
  • User Experience Strategy and Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Innovation Strategy
Brand Design
To advance the user interface and experience, we explored a new design language, aligning the experience with versatile design practices while creating a design system that could span multiple events.
  • Marc Blanchard
    Global Head of Experience Design
  • Jim Schachterle
    Design Director—Product Design
  • Adam Deher
    Creative Director—Product & Service
  • Salvador Vélez
    Design Lead—Product Design
User Interface
From the tournament overview to the action within an individual match, the new timeline placed the fan at the center of the data experience—delivering an insight-driven experience that showcased the intelligence of IBM's signature technologies.
User Interface
A system of dynamic and sharable cards were created whenever a match highlight was generated, extending the reach of the platform to new audiences and fans.
The new experience and resulting innovation roadmap were presented at the US Open by IBM's team.